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Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of reconstructing an existing product to understand its structure and function, followed by the creation of a virtual three-dimensional model for manipulation in CAD, CAM, CAE or other software environments. Ultimate target is to create a new object that retains same features as the original one.


At first, product information is acquired through a mechanical survey with measurements or by digitising a draft called mesh through 3D scanning. This is followed by parametric computer remodelling using dedicated software. The process ends with the creation of drafts drawn up according to technical drawing standards.


CHORA can lead you through this conversion process, providing rapid solutions and ensuring optimal management of different steps. It is important to remember how adoption of reverse engineering processes and resulting digitisation brings many benefits.


Application fields are potentially infinite, ranging from medical sector to design, from household goods to automotive industry. If done correctly, reverse engineering allows a total digital conversion of designs, ideas and archives, whether they are on paper or consist of two-dimensional drawings which, unfortunately, do not guarantee same flexibility and interoperability as 3D cad files.


About old archives, CHORA can help you by generating three-dimensional models from technical drawings. Work transposition from 2D to 3D does not consist of a simple 'copy and paste', but is constantly subjected to a careful critical analysis, after which possible different technical solutions are proposed in order to improve the product and/or its production stages.


Our strength lies in sharing and transferring expertise with our partners. Whatever conversion type is required, our attitude is always critical, attentive and open to dialogue. Our consultancy service becomes an opportunity for development and growth for both us and our partners.

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