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Mechanical design

Product design means defining structure and implementation of a system so that it can fulfill specific requirements. CHORA's offerings range from initial conceptualization according to customer choices to CAD design. Our expertise enables to support every aspect of project development.


Every project, simple or complex, starts with an objectives and constraints analysis of product will have to satisfy. We identify client's needs, target market and perform an alignment with its business processes. Next step, project milestones are defined. Different solutions are critical to set guidelines in order to have a product that satisfy required shape, size, and ergonomics.


Once conceptual idea is defined, we develop a paper or digital concept with graphic sketches. Found right way, we move on to virtual concept through 3D design. It design makes possible to aggregate more information than old 2D designs and establish relationships between different components. This technique brings benefits to entire production process (i.e. business operations, cost managing, updating designs over time, service streamlining, spare parts management). If necessary, downstream of 3D modeling and prior to commissioning, we can make scale project models, thus being able to verify overall dimensions, criticality and operation (for not too complex projects).


Once basic 3D model is completed, project is shared and analyzed with client to evaluate all technical/constructive issues. Client becomes an active part of different solutions evaluation. Design phase is integrated with next step, engineering process. We execute detailed product modeling and all its components, with construction plans, machining diagrams, and data flows for automatic CNC machines essential to fabrication of individual elements and final product assembly.


After modeling is completed, we realize production and erection drawings and all necessary documentation for project production and marketing.


Finally, we proceed to construction phase, which will end with assembly and testing. We support customer during assembly phase, ensuring that product is functional and fully meets client’s expectations, available for after-sales support, any future requests for improvements or design changes.

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“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation, there is sure to be failure”

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