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About us

CHORA brand was founded in 2017 as a mechanical design studio in industrial field by will and passion of two friends and engineers with several years of experience gained in different engineering manufacturing contexts (industrial automation, oil & gas, new product r&d, heavy industry).


We support studios and manufacturing companies in design and production of machines and plants. Our added value is ability to adapt to client needs, adopting organizational and design standards specific to each company. We have a natural aptitude for collaborating and integrating with technical and design departments, other design offices, manufacturers and suppliers.


Starting from client's requirements, we define milestones project up to its complete realization through CAD systems, calculation activity, design development, manuals, and construction assistance. We ensure a complete service for design part, consulting (including on-site), development and technical documentation. The result is a turnkey product.


CHORA focuses for external technical collaboration, eliminating all fixed costs and management burdens associated with an in-house technical study and compensating, with extreme flexibility, for periods of high and low production. According to client's needs, we can perform work either at our premises or outsourced.


We guarantee our clients a polished, professional, comprehensive service with fast response times and low costs.

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