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pc showing cad modeling and other working tools

Modeling and drawing

We are living through a new industrial revolution called Industry 4.0. Companies are changing their production philosophy, introducing concept of communication and interconnection between production lines and processes. More and more companies are moving toward 3D design.


​3D modeling enables definition of geometric model that is basis for all subsequent activities. Native 3D design makes it possible to include a large amount of information that allows parametric modification features, in a single object or set of objects.


Next step after good modeling is execution of technical drawings for production. Technical drawings describe in detail dimensions and machining to be performed. Drawings are necessary for product fabrication and for complex products assembly. Ability to produce technical drawings with 3D views, which are much more explanatory than the projection views used in 2D drawings, is essential.


CHORA can support in all stages of modeling and drafting. Depending on company type, we can introduce 3D modeling concepts and processes or, in the case of established realities, we can ease workloads becoming a valuable resource. In both cases we manage work either through internal or external consulting or remotely. Our experience makes us flexible, responsive to change and reliable.


At the same time as adopting 3d cad systems, many companies need to convert 2D or paper designs into 3D designs. With equal reliability and care, CHORA can assist transformation of old designs executed with different systems (old CAD systems or manually), performing individual components modeling, assembly and subsequent drafting phase.

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir

“It took me five minutes to make this drawing, but it took me sixty years to get there”

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