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catalogs and technical files

Catalogs and technical files

One might believe that design of a product or machine ends with implementation and commissioning phase. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are other stages of production process that are no less important. Technical files are an integral part of the design as the machine goes through design, testing and installation phases.

Service manuals, user's manuals, technical documentation of devices and machines, and spare parts catalogs are documents that describe product life cycle: from design, construction and testing, to delivery and maintenance instructions, and finally its disposal. They must contain a long list of information and statements.

CHORA produces easily understandable technical dossiers, with comprehensive operating and maintenance instructions, in both hard copy and digital formats. In addition, taking advantage of our expertise in three-dimensional modeling, we can equip the documentation with clear and explanatory images such as detail views, assembly views, exploded views, and renderings.

The amount of information provided by each document depends on machine type, its complexity, and its technical characteristics. Drawing up a technical file is never a trivial task. This must be user-friendly, easily navigable and immediately understandable in all its parts. For this reason, we carry out documents hand in hand with product design, assembly and commissioning.

Parametric modeling makes it easy to write different catalogs such as spare parts and products for marketing and corporate branding.

We propose customized and tailor-made solutions for catalogs implementation. Each proposal is studied individually, and implementation is carried out according to client needs.

Cataloghi e fascicoli tecnici: Service
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