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fem analysis and kinetodynamics trends isometric curves

FEM analysis and kinetodynamics

Kinetodynamic analysis simulates mechanisms composed of several interconnected rigid bodies. Simulation calculates kinetic (displacement, velocity, acceleration) and dynamic (forces and moments) characteristics that define system. Together with the external constraints and forces, kinetodynamic simulation results set boundary conditions for Finite Element Analyses (FEM) on mechanism components.


A FEM simulation (acronym for Finite Element Analysis) is comparable to what happens on a test bench: there is a virtual prototype consisting of a 3D CAD model, manufactured with known mechanical properties and materials. It is tested by means of static resistance tests to tensile, compressive or torsional forces in order to study its behaviour.


In the last two decades, calculation codes and structural calculation software have played an important and widespread role. Today, many companies require product feasibility verification with structural analysis and simulations.


Structural analysis is a tool that can help increase know-how and produce better products. CHORA performs verifications for routine work and coded analyses on standard models, combined with external consulting services for advanced problem solving.

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